Medical Services with Compassion

Health Care Departments

Health Care Services We are Fluent in :

Radiology Department:


The radiology department has ultrasound and X-ray units.

Ultrasound unit has advanced equipment to do general abdominal, Pelvic, gynecological and obstetric scan.  Scans for small parts like breast, thyroid (MSK), muscles and joints. Doppler scans for vessels and arteries. 

X-ray unit.  The department has a high power x-ray machine MAX 11 that can do all the plain radiographic examinations including lumber and abdominal for all sizes of patients. We also do contrasted examinations and barium studies.

Our out-patient service works 24 hours with a doctor on duty to handle all cases and Emergencies.

The outpatient is organized for quick and easy access to the receptionist, cashier, doctors and laboratory.



The Pharmacy department or stores has a wide range of drugs to cater for majority of conditions within the surrounding or our population.

All brands from UK, Germany, Egypt and India and locally made drugs are in stocked to cater for all the population

Maternity or Antenatal Department

Antenatal services at our premises are offered by a team which includes two gynecologists, General Doctors and experienced midwives.  We offer an antenatal package that is paid for once throughout the pregnancy.  It includes the ANC card, laboratory tests, two ultrasound scans and all medications needed to support a mother throughout the period of pregnancy. We have got three sections in our maternity i.e. half private rooms, full private with two beds and self-contained, then VIP wing at a very affordable cost.

Dental Services

Dental services

SAB medical centre has just installed a state of Art Dental equipment to offer all the dental services you want, these include; extractions, polishing alignment, filing, Root canal treatment (RCT) dentures, braces and many others.

One dental technologist and one public health dental officer are readily available to serve you.

Optic Services / Eye

Our facility is one of the few hospitals or centres around Entebbe with a qualified optic specialist readily available.

The Eye clinic is every Monday and Thursday starting from 2:00–5:00pm.

  • CRP-1
  • HBA1C
  • EP.C
  • VDRL



SAB Medical Centre has got good, spacious self-contained rooms.  We have half private, full private and VIP rooms. The VIP, rooms have two beds, a television set, hot water facilities and many other fancy services.               

The medical centre currently carries out immunization services on every Friday of the week for children and mother attending antenatal. Time is 10:am-1:00pm.

Operating theatre

SAB has got a well-equipped theater with some of the latest technology machines to ensures safety of all surgical procedures minor and major.  All procedures are carried out by a specific specialist depending on the natures and complexity of the case / procedure.

Private Facility at SAB Medical Centre:

Standby Generator

We have got a standby generator and all services continue to operate with without electricity.