We Provide Holistic
Health Medical Care
Services with compassion
in Uganda

SAB Medical Centre Locations:

We are Located : Along Entebbe - Kampala Road, Bubuli Round About, Near the Traffic Lights

We here to help at SAB Medical Centre in Mpala, along Entebbe Rd.

We are here to help you.

We Protect Your Dignity

SAB Medical Centre respects your dignity with no political social or cultural discrimination.

We aim at meeting your health demands with respect to your class needs or social group needs.

In addition, we offer community health services which include; school health, health education, community imaging or Ultrasound sound services.

Caring Doctors

Sustainable health services

We are dedicated to offer an integrated sustainable health services with compassion.

These include preventive health, treatment, health promotion and individual developments.

Outdoor-SAB Medical Centre

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